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One of our member benefits is a place to announce events that they care about.  These events and details have been provided by a member and are NOT chamber events. Contact information is provided with each listing if you would like more information about the event.


Hey Friends,

I have a leadership development opportunity for you. I, Tom Goodlet, will be offering a Leader Effectiveness Training class, from Gordon Training International, at a reduced price this April for friends and colleagues. While the class is already over half full, I am offering the few remaining spots to my fellow Christian Chamber of Commerce members.  

On the Gordon Training International website, these classes are offered at a rate of $1,695 per individual. That is why my rate of $249 is insane and I am only doing it once. So again, get your spot if you want it!

One more FYI. The week before I teach this class in April, I will be teaching L.E.T. refreshers in Arkansas to a big bank that wins awards year after year for amazing customer service, and they are ranked as one of the top places to work in the United States. Why? Because they are big into L.E.T. 

Here's are a few reasons of why you should do L.E.T. :

- Organizations such as Amazon and Harborside Christian Church have been using this leadership course to shape organizational culture, set a standard for customer service, problem solving, increased productivity and return on investment.

- I personally love this course so much that I took about a year to become certified in it. You get all the best ideas and strategies I know about leadership and so much more, all packed into three exhilarating days.

- This is super cheap! I am teaching this course to some big organizations this year in different parts of the country. They are paying a whole lot more than the price I am offering you. If you wanted the hook up, then this is it! It will never be this inexpensive again. Your cost covers all your materials and lunch for three days. Get the early bird rate; it is a steal.

- You are getting an early heads up. I am limited to how many people we can have for the class. The class is over half full; we have room for a few more before we max out the class size. So, get your spot!

- You won't regret it! If you want to get better at leadership, and if you want your team members to get better at leadership, then this is the best opportunity that I could recommend. When we get better, everything gets better. 

- Also when you complete the three-day course you become a Leader Effectiveness Training Graduate, which you can add to your LinkedIn profile and it looks great on a resume.

- You can sign up easily and get way more info at



Tom Goodlet

Best-Selling Author, Speaker

and Professional Mentor